Good advice is priceless

But should not be expensive either. That is why we help you build a better business at a different price tag. With straightforward, simple and executable advice. And we will provide you the means to get it done.

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Choose from the following packages

We offer a range of three packages designed to suit different needs. Whether you’re looking for initial guidance or more personal consultation and support, we have an option that matches your requirements. Check out the options.


Starter Insight


A cost-effective consultation

  • Digital intake form
  • Digital advice with 10 solutions
  • A unique implementation guide


Comprehensive Catalyst


Our premier package, offering extra support

  • Personal intake via video call
  • Digital advice with 10 solutions
  • A workshop to guide you through the implementation guide

How does it work?



You tell us briefly about your business challenge by filling in the intake form and selecting your preferred package.



We’ll let you know if we are able to help based on your request. And send a payment request to get started.


Problem definition

You will receive a more detailed intake form to fill out. Pending your package this is digital form or video call with an expert.


Initial advice

We provide you with the first advice, consisting of 10 best practices that you could implement to solve your problem.


Solution fit

Pick the three options that fit your company best. In the premium package we guide you with a workshop.



We will further work out a more detailled description of those three options, to kick-start the implementation.



Now you move into the cycle of doing, learning and achieving results. We will hand you a 6-step approach to make it happen.



We will get back to you so you can provide us feedback and let us know if you are progressing.

What do you get?

You will get straightforward advice based the challenge you are facing.  Supported by a unique GROWTH-methodology© that allows you to implement the options we will provide you with to solve the challenge. Generated by AI, curated by experts. 

We cut the crap. We do not sell hours. We are here to help you solve your problem. Instead of handing you a fish we teach you how to fish yourself. 

We believe every organization deserves access to valuable advice without the premium price tag

At, we seek to find the best options for your your specific business challenge.  Here’s how and why we do what we do.

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In a rapidly changing business landscape, every organization deserves the tools to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Knowledge shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be accessible, empowering you to create lasting impact and value.

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By harmoniously merging the computational might of AI with the nuanced expertise of seasoned consultants, we’ve broken the barriers of traditional consultancy. With the GROWTH-method©, we guarantee a structured and effective approach to your business challenges.

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What offers AI-enhanced straightforward consultancy services  at unbeatable prices. We provide a set of options tailored to your organization’s challenges, empowering you to take informed actions. 


Let’s get started

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