Our experts have comprehensive knowledge on and experience in a broad range of topics, for example:

  • Comprehensive marketing strategy: Developing and implementing full-scale marketing plans.
  • Audience targeting: Identifying and engaging the desired audience.
  • Brand development: Establishing a strong brand identity and positioning.
  • Digital marketing: Planning and executing digital marketing strategies.
  • Social media marketing: Leveraging new platforms and influencer collaborations.
  • Marketing technologies: Utilizing advanced tools and platforms to enhance marketing efficiency and engagement.
  • Marketing effectiveness analysis: Measuring and analyzing the impact of marketing efforts to optimize strategies.

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Our experts

photo of Tim van der Werf

Tim van der Werf

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10+ years experience in Digital marketing, Advertising, Data activation, Managing & training young professionals
photo of Niki van Wijk

Niki van Wijk

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25+ years experience in (Digital) Marketing, Strategy, Organization, Leadership and Culture
photo of Daan Noordeloos

Daan Noordeloos

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15+ years experience in Organizational structure (design), Executive coaching, Change management and culture